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America and umbrella

About 20 years ago, I was studying music in Los Angeles. I borrowed an apartment near the school and went to the school on foot on foot every day. Ross has a rainy season and a dry season, and despite being in the desert, it will rain to the same extent as Japan in the rainy season. Before traveling to the United States I was taught that "Ross will also rain" from my friend, so I took my umbrella. Rain did not come off for a while in the dry season after going to America, but the rainy season began around the autumn and it began to rain. So, on a rainy day, when I headed to the school with an umbrella, I was laughed at "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ua brella! Ha! Ha! Ha!" To a person in Latin American style who came walking from the front is. What is this guy! As I look around, there is no one who is holding an umbrella. Although it was not pouring down, in Japan it was raining about an ordinary umbrella. "Eh, what is not an American umbrella?" I could not hide the embarrassment, but I did not want to get wet, so I left my umbrella straight to the school. It was a shameful feeling like walking with an umbrella on a sunny day. If it rains, I think that you will normally have an umbrella, but only for the Americans, the West Coast? I wonder if it is common sense not to do an umbrella. Actually is the umbrella cool? On the contrary when it is Japan, if you do not have an umbrella on a rainy day, you are supposed to think that this guy was not watching the weather forecast. It was an event that felt a big gap in culture.


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