Satoru Nakamura Satoru Nakamura (Satorun)
Short Stories

Moon and cup

It seems that it was the wind stream that we moved the full moon to sake sake in the past and looked at it. The bride launched such a story, so I tried it on a full moon night. Since there was no stylish item such as a cup, put water in a bowl and try to reflect the moon. It does not work quite well. There is a wind, water rises waves and it is hard to see. When the wind stopped suddenly, a beautiful full moon emerged in the bowl. It is a beautiful moon that shakes a little, swaying, as opposed to the moon seen directly. Did the old man do such a wind current thing? It seems that making a pond in the garden was a wind flow to do a drink while watching the moon reflected in the pond on the rim side. Modern people have forgotten, it is an ancient comfort. However, it is certain that you can spend much more meaningful time than games etc.


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