Satoru Nakamura Satoru Nakamura (Satorun)

I want to make a self-governing association online service

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In order to improve regional IT literacy, I would like to aim for the improvement of technology, especially safe and healthy Internet and smart devices, especially for children.
I would like to build a regional online service so that everyone living in that area can access, communicate, and PR. I would like to divide the PR site and the community site by subdomain so that only community people can access the community site. In addition, we want to make it easy for young and old to use it, especially want children in the area to be able to use the Internet safely and healthily. I want children to have iPod Touch instead of smart phones so that they can make Wi - Fi connection at home, with their parents, in specific areas of the area, and build an environment where adults can watch children. I would like to cooperate with schools, conduct courses related to IT, raise IT literacy of local people, and revitalize the area utilizing IT.

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