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I would like to make a Grand Ping facility with fishing concept

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Yamaguchi prefecture does not have facilities that can still enjoy Grand Ping. Speaking of Grand Ping, you can enjoy magnificent nature comfortably, and it is an elegant camp to spend luxurious time. I would like to make such a facility in Yamaguchi.
It is said that it is that concept that holds the key to success in the Grand Ping. I love fishing. I especially like trout, and sometimes I go to Fisher Resort Shobara etc in Hiroshima prefecture. It is a fisherman's resort as its name suggests, but it is regrettable that I can not stay. In addition, it is not far from Yamaguchi prefecture and it is not a resort that we can go out easily. In Yamaguchi Prefecture there is no management fishing spot that can enjoy trout fishing or Grand Ping facilities that can enjoy luxurious time. However, there is magnificent nature on the other hand. If this Grand Ping facility which made fishing concept into this Yamaguchi prefecture is made, will not it be possible to entertain many fishing fans? Pond with small inflow. There is a luxurious permanent tent to surround the pond, and there is a jetty in the pond. Throw a lure from the pier and aim for big trout. Grill delicious meat and vegetables, grill it with fish and bake with family. Is it impossible to create a space that enjoys time like a dream in this natural rich Yamaguchi?

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