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I want to add advertisement bidding function to hitois

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hitois is aimed at creating a user portal site and enhancing the user's value, but we have not been able to visualize the current value of the user. In order to visualize the value of the user, I would like to add an advertisement bidding function (service). This project is used for reporting results etc. until the introduction of advertisement bidding function.
Individuals and businesses will be able to easily make paid advertisement posting requests to hitois users who like it. hitois Establish advertisement recruitment function on user's portal site. When applying for advertisements, individuals and companies will create advertisements that they would like to post on the bulletin board of hitois users, decide the amount and apply. The advertisement posting on the bulletin board is limited to one advertisement per day, and the application period is from ten days before the advertisement posting date to the previous day. The hitois user selects one from the applied advertisements by the day before and automatically posts it on the bulletin board on that day. At this time, if you work with Twitter or Facebook, you will also post ads automatically to them. hitois users have the right to choose advertisements that have been submitted. Choosing something with a high unit price, you can choose the content that fits your site. The more famous my portal site is, the more competition will occur and the unit price will rise. This advertisement bid amount represents the high value of individuals.

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