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2018-12-19 23:53:14 UTC

Hitois Ad and hitois Wallet have been tested and released. Since it may still have a problem, it is not official release. We announce you with kinois when officially published, and we will also introduce the feature introduction at Human Isstop. Together, we also have a function to "give chips" and a donation function to hitois. I think that there is no deposit yet, but please report it in the requested community if there is a problem in the operation or display. Thank you.

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2018-12-15 02:31:12 UTC

"Hitois Ad" where human user users can recruit advertisements and "bitit coin wallet" "hitois wallet" will soon be released.

hitois Ad Everyone can easily apply "hitois Ad" in the form of bidding advertisements that you would like your Human Users to post. If you specify a posting date, advertisement, bid amount (bit coin) and bid it, you can bid one by choosing one of the bidding opportunities for the human chair user.

The number of advertisements that can be posted is up to one per day, and if there are multiple posted bids on the same day, the human chair user will bid one by looking at the bid amount and contents.

At the same time as a successful bid, the deposit deadline and the coin address for payment are sent to the bidder by e-mail. When a bidder sends a bit coin of a bid amount by the deadline, the advertisement is automatically posted on the posting date.

Advertisements are automatically posted as one topic on the bulletin board. Just like regular topic submissions, Twitter and Facebook will be notified, and also Human's followers will be notified.

Bitcoin "Hitois Wallet" is a Web purse that puts bit coins deposited with "hitois Ad". Like ordinary wallet, it has a bit coin address and can withdraw money.

Since payment address is displayed in case of deposit, it will be credited if remitting from other wallet to that address.

In the case of withdrawal, you can enter the address of the payment destination, or in the case of a smartphone you can read the address by reading the QR code. Specify the destination and withdrawal amount and withdraw money.

In dispensing, a handling fee of 0.0001 BTC will occur against minor. There is no fee for humanity.

In addition to the above two functions, we also disclose the ability to pay chips with bit coins to any human user. Anyone can give a tip to the address of "hitois wallet".

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2018-11-15 09:21:57 UTC

"Site color application box" was added to the community. If you want to decide the color of your portal site to yourself to some extent, please submit a topic to the community. I do not know if it can handle everything, but I will do my best. For details, please read the overview of the community and check it. We will also respond to comments that you would like us to correct the color we made once after.

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2018-10-06 07:04:02 UTC

I think that it is not something like noticeable in kinosu, so I will contact you here. We have increased the types of latest articles displayed on the Web site list. Twitter and Instagram embed the timeline and made it so that the hatena bookmark also displays the latest bookmark. It is a pity that VALU's cooperation can not be done yet. Also, letterpot also confirmed the specifications, but it seems unlikely to work together. Facebook can do it if you apply for an app and OK is OK, but as I was struggled with repeated specification changes, there is no schedule of cooperation.

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2018-10-05 23:02:01 UTC

board image We are preparing a community "Tell me how to use Humanized", so if you have anything to tell us a bit about, do not hesitate to ask a question. Although it is a method of finding a community, there is a menu called "Communities" in "Find it ▼" at the upper right of each page, so you can access and access the community list from here. You can also access from the "Community" menu of each user site. To post topics and comments to the community, you need to be a member of the community. Please do not hesitate to join us because we have set it so that anyone can teach you how to use Humanity.

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