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I tried to be able to set the eye-catching image on the blog |

2019-03-14 00:16:20 UTC
Category : hitois development
Eye Catch

I made it possible to set an eye-catching image on the blog of Hitoshi.

So I tried to use it immediately.

Eye-catching images seem to be important as you read the tips of various blogs.

Also, it seems effective to use images in articles, and I will try to use images as much as possible from now on.

With eye catch image

An eye catch image is an image that attracts the reader's eyes.
It seems effective to just understand the contents of the article just by looking at the image.

By the way, the word "eye catch" seems to be Japanese English.

I referred to the article here .

Images in the article are also important

Most eye-catching images are placed at the top of most blogs, but it seems better to put them in articles as well.

Let's attract readers' eyes!

Like this.

I'm not good at making images, so I just want my designer wife to help me, but my wife is busy with it. . .

I would like to use an illustration.

It's getting hard to think of new articles every day, so for a while I'll be working on adding images to the previous ones.



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