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No matter what you aim for, it is important to update your blog first |

2019-03-15 03:13:22 UTC
Category : Self branding hitois
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Whether you're a novelist or a musician or an illustrator, first of all, it's important to increase your fans on your blog.

Of course, you can also increase the number of fans with SNS, but SNS is popular and obsolete anyway, so even if it becomes very famous, it will be like starting over again if SNS goes out.

In addition, SNS is a flow type, so much content will flow in the past.

After all, I think that the most important thing in the current era is blogs, and I think it is first to aim to become famous on blogs.

Get more fans on your blog

In order to get more fans in your blog, it's important to increase the frequency of posting anyway. I do not say every day, but I should post articles 2-3 times a week. No matter how bad it is, you need it at least once a week.

Certainly, if you aim at a novelist, writing a novel is the best, if you aim at a musician, then activities such as composition and live are the best, and if you aim at an illustrator, it is best to draw illustrations.

However, in the present age, there are countless people who want to be a novelist, people who want to be a musician, people who want to be an illustrator, and so on.


Among them, in order to launch the "self" in the front, to increase the exposure and to gain fans, after all blogs and.

There are many people in the world who are called bloggers and earn a living by blogging. Those people have the ability to transmit, for example, if you have published a book and want a lot of people to buy it, promoting it on your own blog will be a great exposure and a huge opportunity to buy. You

Bloggers earn more than blogs

I wrote that bloggers are making a living through blogs, but in fact there are many people that most of their income comes from outside of blogs.

If you are a famous blogger, open a salon that teaches you how to make money on your blog and earn income from it. Revenue from ads posted on blogs is not that big.


Famous bloggers earn more than just blogs, using the great power of blogs.

Let's use profile API

Also, if you use a chair while running an external blog, you should always use the profile API. The Profile API can log in to the chair and get the code from the "APIs" link.

The profile API is provided in the form of JavaScript code, and if you paste JavaScript into your blog's sidebar etc., your profile will be posted automatically and a link to a chair will be generated. WordPress just adds JavaScript code to the template.

The reason why we recommend the Profile API is that using it has increased the domain power of my portal site tremendously.

The other day I wrote a murmur, and when I searched for the keyword "Sakura Nakamura" on Google, I was a very low-ranked person, but I wrote that I came in about 3 to 5 in recent years. In fact, we are operating outside Medaka's House Blog "using the profile API.

That alone raised tens of places at a stretch.

Hitoshi is designed to be a top Google search, and to spread the article using Twitter etc. Some critics say that Hethys's domain is weak, but that's not the case. If you post activity records daily, the top search is not a dream.

The chair's domain is not weak

People who say that Hethys domain is weak are based on the fact that Heith's blog is not famous, but Hethys is not a blog tool. Of course, it is not as strong as a blog tool, nor is it famous as a blog tool, as compared to Hatena blogs and Ameba blogs, which were only for writing blogs.

However, Hethys can post a great deal of content other than blogs, and can easily connect with external services. If you understand that Hethys is not a blog tool, but a self-portal site builder, you will not have to compare it to other blog tools.

However, in order to make your portal site famous, posting blog posts is definitely important. Of course, even if it is not a blog of Hitoshi, it is also possible to post external blogs that are linked. First of all, let's post a blog post and aim to become famous.

Hethys is a service that was born out of my wish to help people who are not readily exposed to light. But, even if you want to help, you can not do without the user posting an article.

Anyway, let's write a blog!



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