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About human interface user interface and user experience

2018-12-29 14:32:30 UTC
Category : hitois development
Eye Catch

The human interface user interface is unique. Sometimes it is said that it is hard to use, but I have intention and do so.

For those who write blogs like Wordpress, it seems there is sometimes said that there is a management page is the best interface.

But Huy Lee did not create a management page. The management page is a page to access by logging in. In other words, those who have never logged in must learn the management page when becoming a user and starting to use it.

It is more convenient for you to contribute content as soon as you think from the page you normally access.

Also, when browsing pages of other users, you can use it by the same operation, you can start writing articles from there and start communication if you think again.

If it's a management page you will not be able to start writing articles so smoothly or communicate with you so smoothly.

There is something close to the wiki interface of HUIYU. Wiki is a service that creates a site. It is natural that interfaces are similar to Huawei who creates portal sites.

Wordpress is a tool for making blogs, perfect for users who only want to write blogs. However, it is not a totally effective interface for Huawei who makes a portal site.

If you do not understand this place, Huawei will catch up quickly unless it becomes useless at an unfamiliar interface.

If you raise the contents by 2 or 3 pieces you will notice the ease of use of Humanity. I wish I could understand the purpose.

If you only want to write a blog, please use Wordpress.

However, it will not be a long time to notice the fun of the real Web that Huawei is producing.


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2018-12-29 14:40:20 UTC



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