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When searching "next to SNS"

2019-01-11 14:10:52 UTC
Category : Web
Eye Catch

When yesterday's hint followed by "next to SNS", almost all "next SNS" is the result. No, I would like to know what kind of service will come after SNS.

Many are "the next SNS of the instant" is told. Everyone has no idea to get out of SNS. If it says Facebook Oakon, the day will come when SNS Owakon is told, nobody has noticed.

What I'm talking about yesterday is that we need something beyond blogs and SNS.

But I still do not know what it is. Even if I understand it may not be written here.

Many of the SNSs that are said to be in fashion now receive women. Just being so popular it will soon get ruined.

SNS rechanging hand items Although new items come out, they are almost temporary. I guess the SNS itself is approaching Owakon.

It's a bit old story, but there was a scene in the matrix to install helicopter piloting techniques at the head. If it is a stock type service, it seems to be possible to pour stock into the head.

Then it can be said that the stock type is still excellent.

Connect the stocks together, no, it is good to hit it. Installing the data of people who accumulated the data on the computer, to have opinions.

The idea which we have not noticed until now is born, people will realize the new idea in cooperation.

It seems to be possible, is not it?

As a result of having an opinion, it may not work. If you analyze the cause that did not work, people may change.

I will make this virtual exchange more like a game now. Good and bad places are found, society will become smoother.

Moreover, the result of this experiment will be useful for the progress of AI. Doing research on cutting-edge research while playing, is not it interesting?



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