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It is difficult to get people to understand the basic idea of humanity

2019-01-09 13:50:19 UTC
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I believe that humanity does not spread widely because its concept is difficult.

The idea is simple, though. The philosophy of Humphreys is to make personal encyclopedias, bring together the wisdom of mankind, and further raise the civilization of mankind.

The mechanism and concept for realizing that are complicated.

Now individuals have multiple Web sites and use multiple Web services. Therefore, it is difficult to understand what kind of activities the person performs, what kind of knowledge and skills, what kind of feeling it is, and what kind of work is being made.

The information has been divided. Also, SNS also causes division of information and division of people.

What we need now is to connect valuable information that was broken up and amplify value.

When the value of an individual is amplified and disruption is resolved, the group becomes the driving force to create new value. Human beings evolve more.

However the story so far is long. It's not smart. It is the greatest weakness of Humanity to have the drawback that it is difficult to understand if you do not explain well.

Listening to the philosophy and listening to the concept makes it difficult to explain why it will connect.

If I could explain this smartly, I think humanity will flap more. Is difficult.



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