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Consider domain power!

2018-11-27 07:32:04 UTC
Category : SEO

When I search on Google by my name, VALU comes to the higher level, but there was a question that humanis does not come to the top at all, so I will explain the reason.

First of all, it is about the difference in usage form between VALU's domain ( and Huawei's domain (, but VALU is a subdirect type and humanis is a subdomain type.

In detail, the address of my VALU's My Page will be " / nakamurasatoru". Domain is "", with slash delimited my ID, it can be identified as my page. If Hoge was there, the address would be "". The domain part "" will be the same for both I and Hoge.

The address of my humanis will be "". The domain is "", which alone can distinguish it from my site. Moreover, it is understood that it is a domain different from "" of Huawei's shared domain. If Hoge was there, the address would be "". After all the domain is different.

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), subdirectory type can receive parent domain power as it is. For example, supposing that the domain power of VALU is 100, the domain power of the " / nakamurasatoru" page is also 100.

One subdomain type can only accept a part of the parent's domain power. For example, supposing that the domain power of Hitous ( is 100, the domain power of "" will be about 10.

In the above example, although the domain power is assumed to be 100, actually the power varies depending on the domain, the amount of contents is large, the power is large as the domain that is operating for a long time.

The advantage of VALU over humanised is that since the user pages are separated by subdirectories, the "" domain has only subdirectories of the number of users, which means that the amount of contents is very large.

In the case of Humanized, the content amount of "" is the amount of content I posted. Therefore, it is disadvantageous than VALU.

But do not give it up yet. Domain power is influenced by authority and characteristics that are tied. For example, since I am a web engineer, posting only content on web technology in HYPE raises the authority and characteristics of web technology. This will increase the domain power of "".

In one VALU, users with various characteristics coexist under one domain, so authority and characteristics do not occur. In other words, VALU is advantageous only in that it has a large number of users, it will not be advantageous in terms of authority or characteristics.

There is no doubt that VALU with a large number of users will be advantageous at the present time, but if you are conscious of raising your own domain power, either one can overtake VALU.

Because VALU is a factor that influences domain power, the domain power of "" itself is hard to rise even if users post content more and more.

For example, Hewis may overtake domain power of "" domain power of "" domain. It is realized by continuing to post content that is useful for people, such as professional matters, and also highly relevant content.

Well, since I've made "" a miscellaneous site, authority and characteristics will never rise. . . Still if you search by "Saturn", it is not that the dominant power is so expensive that it is No. 1 in Dantotsu.

Also, the subdirectory type has a risk that is not in subdomain type.
With a subdirectory type, there is a risk that all users' pages will be subject to penalties by a single user doing spamming that Google dislikes. In the case of VALU, the "" domain is subject to penalty.

Since Humanis is a subdomain type, for example, even if an action that becomes a subject of penalty at "" is done, "" basically has no influence. Because it is another domain. Of course, if you do a lot of actions that many users will penalize in Humanity, it may affect the parent "" domain.


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