Satoru Nakamura Satoru Nakamura (Satorun)

hitois Ad is still going to be a story ahead

2018-12-06 05:03:40 UTC
Category : hitois development

The function of hitois Ad is almost done, I only have to wait for a test, but I have not yet implemented a bit coin wallet to get advertisement fee.

Although we can deposit money, we are afraid to implement Wallet balance calculation and payment processing.

Although I thought it was an HD wallet, I thought that it would be easy to get the balance of the child address if I knew the address of the master, but I knew that it was not so.

I understood that you should keep a list of bit coin addresses so that you do not hit too much API unnecessarily. We are now working on DB design and detailed design for that.

I think that implementation is easy if it can be designed, but if you do not do design properly, you can not do sloppy as money is involved. No, it's not always lazy, but it's because it's a feature that does not allow any bugs.

I studied quite a bit about bit coins and block chains this time. Finally it is getting to be my own thing.

The remaining mounting work is going to be pretty painful, but I can not give it up.

Please wait for a while for the release of hitois Ad.



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