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It is sandwiched between the work I want to do and the work I was asked for

2019-01-12 14:05:31 UTC
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Last summer, I made an action plan by pledging to complete the planned project of Kinohusu by September of 2019 and raising it to support the family.

That autumn, my colleague said, "Because there are people who are working to make Yamaguchi prefecture acting, would you like to see me?" After seeing me and explaining my plan, "Come to our association I'd like you to join me. "Well, it is desired, so I decided to enter.

As I got in, as soon as we had a meeting we were told that they came and it seems like a different industry exchange meeting, because it introduces people, it is told to hand business cards so I thought that there was no choice but to have a business card I handed it over.

My heart felt that the power of these people is not necessary for my business. Because most of the people we meet are executives of the company, lawmakers and their secretaries. Clearly because it does not fit the purpose of Kinois at all.

I was told that such a meeting would be held like every month, I decided to leave the association.

However, it is after that that the plan crazy. From the president of the system integrator who handed the business card at the beginning, it was told that there was a project that I wanted to help by all means. This company was unwilling to the Web system, I thought that I would not be benefiting for Kinoisu. However, it was my first Web project, so I cried that I wanted to help.

It was a very difficult atmosphere to refuse, well, I took it as if it was about one man. But, as the scale of the project expanded more and more, I told you to use a framework that I had never used.

My plan started to shift. Honesty There was a side-spear in the challenge of life.

I am suffering right now. It is awkward to forsake people who want them to help but I also do not want my life going crazy with helping people and I pray that I should tell God every day what I should do.

Thanks to that, my New Year 's Eve was the worst as I lost my physical condition. I am witnessing that there are many mistakes in humanity here because of mental disorders.

If I refused everything from the beginning I would not have done such a thing. Is it wrong of me who can not refuse?

My plan is already a month behind. Where should I hit the anger without this place? I ask myself everyday.


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2019-01-28 10:27:56 UTC


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m(_ _)m

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2019-01-28 13:10:29 UTC


今はファミリーイングリッシュ( )のテストを一生懸命やっていて、別バージョンも考えています。




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2019-01-29 01:21:04 UTC


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