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Publicity and monetization

2019-01-07 13:12:05 UTC
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Everyone gets work and makes money. I thought seriously why people should earn and I wanted to know the opinions of various people and it worked quite well.

Human 's declare that it will be operated by donation, I do not put advertisement and I do not use fee.

Humanity aims for something like an encyclopedia of individuals, and believes that it will be for human beings. Certainly I thought that the early days would be money, but I began to believe that because of the personality of humanity, it is better for human being than for money.

About ten years ago, I was concerned about global warming and I was volunteering regularly for the tree planting festival to be held in rural areas. When planting trees at Sasebo, a boy from a high school student at that time was confessed "I would like to do work related to planting volunteers without going to university."

I went to him for college and persuaded him to volunteer for his regular work, first making his feet as a stone.

He eventually went to college, became an official of Sasebo City, established tree planting activities involving the administration in Sasebo City.

While having such experiences, I have not stuck my feet yet, but I am focusing on the development of humanity, saying for humanity. At the footsteps of the giggle, there is no prospect of funds, and we are tightrope walkers.

Why do you need money, to make your own foundation. If I am not blessed, I can not do it to others.

I wish I could be happy if I could sponsor what I'm trying to do and do not worry about money. When you think about this, the question arises as to why you earn money.

For others? For myself? For families?

Complicated thoughts like this are spinning around in my head.

I think that Human's work is noble. At the same time, however, I suffer from the conflict that I have to create money from my human life, especially my wife and girls' lives must be protected.

Why do people earn? Many people get executive remuneration that is too large to be paid by one of them. If it is used for charity, it is quite fine, but it is not so.

Why do people earn so much money?


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2019-01-08 10:00:36 UTC



profile thumbnail Satorun
2019-01-08 14:14:35 UTC

え、佐世保で植樹って何か頭がいたいことでも? オロオロ。。どうしたんだろう? 今年も行くつもりなんだけど。

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2019-01-09 03:43:23 UTC



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