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We have to make something beyond blogs and SNS

2019-01-10 14:11:38 UTC
Category : hitois development
Eye Catch

Humanity has a blog as a feature and can also be used like SNS, so I think that as a whole humanised it is beyond blogging.

I think that SNS is still developing, so I can not compare easily, but I think that as a whole humanised it is not losing its present place.

However, the shoveliness of a single person's blog in Humanis is often pointed out. Compared to general blog service, Huawei 's blog is indeed shabby. I think that the information box, such as the cards that are often adopted by SNS, is displayed automatically, or the parts that are mixed in chronological order mixed with articles posted by other services are excellent.

Many people who slander humanity are pointing out the poor user interface and design.

As for the user interface, Huawei is greatly different from the existing service, so I am doing it like the present situation as the optimal solution of Huangyu, but from a blogger's viewpoint it will be shabby.

There is a problem that users can not provide a wonderful experience because the user's experience can not be handled, but I think that the viewing experience of human beings by browsing users is very interesting. If you do not feel like pushing individual buttons or not having a slide bar, improvements in such fine points will be done on a steady basis, but those who enhance the experience of using the whole humanises rather than using individual functions I think that it is important.

I am bothered how important it is to improve the human-like shogo blogging function.

Humanis can post not only blogs but also recent status reports, music, books, apps, short stories, galleries and other works, as well as communities and collaborative projects.

Just creating it is not fun, so there are four types of timeline features that you can view each activity in chronological order.

One of them, " hitois follow ", is a smartphone application, and after installing it on a smartphone, you can follow a human user without logging in. In other words, you can use it even if you are not a human chair user.

The concept is similar to a bookmark, you can follow the favorite user with one tap, and you can browse the activity of all users who are following in chronological order.

Activities are not only on Humanity, but also activities on blogs and content posting services that are linked are also posted on the timeline.

In short, it is a very sophisticated bookmark. Regular bookmarks store links to specific pages, but "hitois follow" does not bookmark specific links, but bookmarks human user users, so that new activities are displayed one after another on the screen It is.

In other words, Huilsey is proposing a new way of viewing the Web.

I think humanity is becoming a defeat to blogs and SNS as a whole. However, a shogo blog is pulling legs. People who want to slander Humanized are blogging at first.

I know that many will be wordpress followers.

Humphrey's blog must go beyond Wordpress. It is fate. However, I think that I have to overwhelmly exceed "blog" if I do it. I have thought, but I can not imagine it yet.

I do not even make an answer yet whether to create completely new functions, make blogs extra, or upgrade the blog significantly.

I think that it is time to think about Post Blog, Post SNS. I think that Huawei realizes it as a whole, but it is still weak.

Anyway, do not look down and always have to move up looking forward or moving forward.


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