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The greatest enemy in producing and operating web services is loneliness

2019-04-10 04:12:50 UTC
Category : hitois development
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Most of me alone develop and operate various web services and websites of Quinois including Hethys.

Nobody has a consultant for technical matters, and if I can do it, I can investigate and experiment by myself whether or not I can use it if I can, and what kind of technology can I use? , Is implemented.

In particular, at the time of researching whether or not it can be done, it is very painful to look at all the technologies and to judge the possibility.

Even if I can confirm what I can do, I often get stuck in implementation and suffer alone for many days. There are so many times when it is hard to die.

Also, once the technical issues have been cleared, the very difficult issue of design will come up.

My wife is a designer, but even if I ask my wife to design, there are things that have been short, 2-3 months, long, half-years, no, even longer, have been waiting for 8 years.

My wife is not skeptical about my administration of Kinois, or just not being the other party, I will not receive my design request immediately. This is very painful.

I may be strict remorse to get my hands on quickly. I love my wife, but it is very painful that I have to reprimand for Quinois.

As the word "lovely and overly 100 times over", it is often the case that you have a violent anger towards your wife. This is as painful as scratching your own throat.

And in the end, I finally realize that I am lonely.

The development of web services requires ideas, technologies, and designs, and it is very difficult to clear them alone. I failed at the stage of gathering friends.

Of course, we are still making efforts to gather peers, but there is no one like me, especially Hethys, who can help and agree on something that you don't really know.

In Web service development and operation, what you need most is companion. I think loneliness is the greatest enemy.


profile thumbnail ひこたん
2019-04-11 02:07:43 UTC

前々から思っていたんですが、 営業専属のヴォランティアが一人いると良い。一概に言ってしまって構わないと思うが、技術屋は営業センスが大抵、下手糞です。いや、言い過ぎました。多少、静養されるとよろしいのではないでしょうか。好運を。


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