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2018-12-08 01:58:49 UTC
Category : Digital Life

SOFTBANK's network down the other day was amazing. I was at home and the iPhone was connected to WiFi, so I had only the influence that I could not call.

Just as I was down the network I was playing with the iPhone, so I saw the antenna level of the mobile network goes to zero.

"Well, the antenna has turned to 0", I was amazed and gave a voice.

But, as I was at home, the iPhone was connected to WiFi, so it only affected me as I could not call the second daughter who was using the Mimamori Mobile. The second daughter was just going to visit my friend's house at that time and was supposed to call me at the time I went back, but I could not make that phone.

Well, my friend's house is a neighborhood, so my wife went to pick me up.

In the world, it seems that there were various problems such as not being able to charge Suica, not being able to contact the nursery school, or being unable to download the ticket, but I thought whether they would not normally use WiFi normally.

I wrote about this blog post before, but in urban areas there are lots of facilities and shops where WiFi can be used without leading to a mobile network. Especially convenience stores are a familiar shop that you can easily connect to WiFi.

I think that there are many people who do not know well because they need a password to connect to WiFi.


As I mentioned before, " If you install target = "_ blank"> Town WiFi "on your smartphone, you can connect to any convenience store easily at any convenience store without troublesome connection work.

Town WiFi

Town WiFi automatically installs settings (profiles) for connecting to WiFi in various WiFi spots on the smartphone and automatically connects to WiFi when launching an application that connects to the Internet when connectable.

This time, when SoftBank's mobile network goes down, if you rush into a nearby convenience store and launch ticket application or try to access the ticket download site with a browser, it will automatically be connected to WiFi and easily without difficult work You should have dealt with the problem.

When you launch the Line application, it will automatically be connected to WiFi and you should have been able to make free calls.

It's better to stop relying on mobile networks only.
Of course, many people do not understand the difference between the mobile network and the Internet that can be connected via WiFi. Most people say that SoftBank's shops are set up to connect to the mobile network, so they never thought about networks.

However, as long as you use a service that uses the Internet, you should know that there is a way to connect to the Internet even in situations where mobile networks can not be used. There is nothing difficult. Just keep in mind that installing "Town WiFi" will help you in many cases.

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2018-12-06 05:03:40 UTC
Category : hitois development

The function of hitois Ad is almost done, I only have to wait for a test, but I have not yet implemented a bit coin wallet to get advertisement fee.

Although we can deposit money, we are afraid to implement Wallet balance calculation and payment processing.

Although I thought it was an HD wallet, I thought that it would be easy to get the balance of the child address if I knew the address of the master, but I knew that it was not so.

I understood that you should keep a list of bit coin addresses so that you do not hit too much API unnecessarily. We are now working on DB design and detailed design for that.

I think that implementation is easy if it can be designed, but if you do not do design properly, you can not do sloppy as money is involved. No, it's not always lazy, but it's because it's a feature that does not allow any bugs.

I studied quite a bit about bit coins and block chains this time. Finally it is getting to be my own thing.

The remaining mounting work is going to be pretty painful, but I can not give it up.

Please wait for a while for the release of hitois Ad.

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2018-11-27 07:32:04 UTC
Category : SEO

When I search on Google by my name, VALU comes to the higher level, but there was a question that humanis does not come to the top at all, so I will explain the reason.

First of all, it is about the difference in usage form between VALU's domain ( and Huawei's domain (, but VALU is a subdirect type and humanis is a subdomain type.

In detail, the address of my VALU's My Page will be " / nakamurasatoru". Domain is "", with slash delimited my ID, it can be identified as my page. If Hoge was there, the address would be "". The domain part "" will be the same for both I and Hoge.

The address of my humanis will be "". The domain is "", which alone can distinguish it from my site. Moreover, it is understood that it is a domain different from "" of Huawei's shared domain. If Hoge was there, the address would be "". After all the domain is different.

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), subdirectory type can receive parent domain power as it is. For example, supposing that the domain power of VALU is 100, the domain power of the " / nakamurasatoru" page is also 100.

One subdomain type can only accept a part of the parent's domain power. For example, supposing that the domain power of Hitous ( is 100, the domain power of "" will be about 10.

In the above example, although the domain power is assumed to be 100, actually the power varies depending on the domain, the amount of contents is large, the power is large as the domain that is operating for a long time.

The advantage of VALU over humanised is that since the user pages are separated by subdirectories, the "" domain has only subdirectories of the number of users, which means that the amount of contents is very large.

In the case of Humanized, the content amount of "" is the amount of content I posted. Therefore, it is disadvantageous than VALU.

But do not give it up yet. Domain power is influenced by authority and characteristics that are tied. For example, since I am a web engineer, posting only content on web technology in HYPE raises the authority and characteristics of web technology. This will increase the domain power of "".

In one VALU, users with various characteristics coexist under one domain, so authority and characteristics do not occur. In other words, VALU is advantageous only in that it has a large number of users, it will not be advantageous in terms of authority or characteristics.

There is no doubt that VALU with a large number of users will be advantageous at the present time, but if you are conscious of raising your own domain power, either one can overtake VALU.

Because VALU is a factor that influences domain power, the domain power of "" itself is hard to rise even if users post content more and more.

For example, Hewis may overtake domain power of "" domain power of "" domain. It is realized by continuing to post content that is useful for people, such as professional matters, and also highly relevant content.

Well, since I've made "" a miscellaneous site, authority and characteristics will never rise. . . Still if you search by "Saturn", it is not that the dominant power is so expensive that it is No. 1 in Dantotsu.

Also, the subdirectory type has a risk that is not in subdomain type.
With a subdirectory type, there is a risk that all users' pages will be subject to penalties by a single user doing spamming that Google dislikes. In the case of VALU, the "" domain is subject to penalty.

Since Humanis is a subdomain type, for example, even if an action that becomes a subject of penalty at "" is done, "" basically has no influence. Because it is another domain. Of course, if you do a lot of actions that many users will penalize in Humanity, it may affect the parent "" domain.

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2018-11-25 13:36:29 UTC
Category : hitois

Most of SNS is a flow type (flowing type) in which individual URLs are not assigned to contributed content, while HYPER is a stock type in which individual URLs are assigned to all contribution contents, and it is a search engine such as Google The story that you can search is as you have said.

For most of Human users, it may seem that there are new places where HuiYui can post content of various types and cooperate with external services.

However, I do not think these things are a big deal, I think that it is innovative to be able to view each content in a timeline format while Hawaii is stock type.

The human site user site is a portal site. Various information, not only on human being but also posted to other services can be accessed from the portal site, but you can see its various information in timeline format in chronological order.

For example, suppose you post a novel to a novel posting site, write a diary on Hatena blog, and murmur in Humanity.
It is humanised to organize these into one portal site, but if you just put it together, bookmark the portal site of this user and you will not see the movement of that user unless you access it from bookmarks.

If you bookmark A, B and C, you can not grasp the movements of the three people unless you open each portal site. However, if you use " Hitois follow " one of Humanis' smartphone apps, you can view the movement of all your favorite users on the timeline.

Even without using an application, if you are a human chair user, you can see the movements of the user you are following on the timeline (the "follow" tab of the timeline), but you can use "hitois follow" You can see the timeline of all your favorite users on one screen even if you are not a human chair user.

Moreover, we can see the movement on all services that Huawei can cooperate with (we can not cooperate yet, we would like to respond within 6 months).

In other words, "hitois follow" is a completely new "bookmark" function. There is only one new function in the Internet world yet.

Perhaps most users are unaware of this. Neither browsing users nor posting users are aware. Anyway, I did not notice that this is innovative. . .

To tell the truth, before I noticed this innovation, I had no consciousness that humanity was amazing. Therefore, I did not have confidence. However, I noticed this innovation today, confidence came out.

"Hitois follow "is very useful. You can see the activity on the Web of the users you care about as you take. Please try it once, I think you will notice innovation.

How to use is easy, the first time you install it will display the timeline of the whole humanis. Tap on the name of the person you are interested in and display that user's portal site, tap "Follow!" In the upper right to follow and follow. Tap on "Timeline" in the upper left corner to display the timeline of that user. To return to the entire timeline, tap "All" at the far left of the breadcrumbs list. Then I will display another user's portal site and follow it.

Tap "Timeline" with multiple followers, time series activity of all followers will be displayed in timeline format. By the way, the following user's timeline will be displayed from the beginning the next time you start the application.

It is convenient, please try using.

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2018-11-23 14:26:08 UTC
Category : hitois development

When commenting on the blog outside the other person, it is convenient to go up to the activities of Hui Lui, do not you think?

Recently I wrote a comment on Ayu-kun's blog, but that activity does not convey to followers. (It would be nice if you could use the mentions at this time.

If you provide a convenient API in Humanize, you will be able to announce comments as well.

That Facebook was doing was unbalanced because only Facebook was tasty, so I would like to do more with a blogging idea.

I do not want to destroy the design of the blog and I want the owner of the comment to be the owner of the blog to the last. Honestly want to do something behind the notice of activities.

How about technically? I think that there is nothing I can not do, but it will not be accepted unless it is easy to install on a blog.

I do not think it will take half a year, but I'd like to spend a bit of time doing it. If I could, I would like Ayu-kun to use it first, if I could.

The rest is an article that the reporter writes. It is interesting if it can cooperate with humanises as well. I guess it is not possible to collaborate.

The advertisement bidding function is not advanced! This is ahead. Bit coin, my head hurts. Even though it's just difficult, my head hurts, but it collapses! It will be anxious about the future.

By the way, from December it was time to focus on making content. Although I was moderate in development, although I was trying to make content, there are also jobs that I have to say that I want to do something variously, people want me to help.

Oh, I will skip the memory and go to bed.

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2018-11-23 03:58:00 UTC
Category : hitois

Those who are using HITIS and who are attracted to the address do not think so, for example, looking at the top address of HYATTO 's own portal site, in my case, It is becoming it.

Hmm? Anyway it may seem like this ".ja", but this is a language symbol for the language of that page.
Huawei is compatible with 18 languages. For example, if you change ".ja" here to ".en", an English page opens.

In other words, there are 18 pages on each top page. Each article has 18 pages.

I think that you will notice that there is a link called "translation" everywhere when using humanis.
In HILYE, you can contribute articles in the main language and post additional translations. Even in the same "index.html", there are 18 languages ​​versions including the main language, and posting translations will allow you to read foreigners as well.

In the browser, if you enter "", I think that a Japanese page will be displayed. If you look at the address at this time, it should be "". This is the case when accessing with a browser that is prioritized in Japanese.

If you are an English-speaking person, the preferred language should be set to English, so if you enter "", the English page will be displayed and the address will be " "Will be. This is automatic.

Also, although I use PC and smartphones in English-speaking countries, people say "I want to read in Hindi!" People click on "language" at the top right of the screen (English is becoming) If you choose the word (हिन्दी) you will see the Hindi page, then after accessing "" again with address input, it will automatically become "" . This is done in consideration of convenience.

When introducing Huawei's own portal site with this characteristic, external service etc., it should be written "" or "" It may be worrisome, but neither is fine. If you might be able to see people from other countries, it's better to write "" because it automatically selects the language when you access it.

Well, I do not have a way to post translations, but I wish people who are supposed to be in the core business of translating can use HuiYu. Actually, you can post a translation without having to write the article himself. Of course, I think that there is nothing to be afraid of because I know that it posted funny translations posted, who knows who posted it.

I think that it is more fun if human beings are used internationally.
I hope that day will come.

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2018-11-19 13:41:10 UTC
Category : hitois development

In the Web world I often hear stories such as flow type or stock type.

A lot of SNS's are adopting flow type in which remarks flow. Since SNS is a communication tool, it is an idea that the topic can flow in the past.

Blogs and wikis are stock types and articles are accumulated on the site. Since it is not a topic but an article, it is an idea that it is stocked instead of flowing.

The flow type is easy to understand, but where is the stock type stocked? There are also people who think that it is.

Briefly, it will be accumulated in the address on the web.

In order to explain the both in an easy-to-understand manner, we explain the relationship between flow type and stock type address when A, B, C postings are done in this order.

First, flow type. For flow type, all posts are grouped into one address. Supposing that there is a site called, the three posts will be posted on one page with the address alongside C, B, A in order from the top.

In SNS you can read past posts by scrolling down this page. Even if you submit multiple posts, there is one address.

The stock type assigns addresses to A, B, C articles, respectively, and has three pages. For example, / a,,, and so on. It is stock type because one article has one address and it accumulates.

These two, the flow type feel more readable, but the stock type is overwhelmingly advantageous in the search.

Search is searching for articles, but search results provided by search engines are a list of addresses. The stock type to which the address is assigned to the article is easier to search, and the flow type search can not be done technically also with the current search engine.

At first glance, it seems to be easier to search because the flow type has all posts organized into one address. However, there are hundreds, thousands of posts at one address, and search engines can not search everything unless you can not read all it unless you continue to scroll.

There is also a barrier on how to guide the searched user to that target posting, assuming that all searches were possible.

In other words, flow type services are not suitable for search.

However, it is also true that for people familiar with SNS it is flowable that is easy to read.

Therefore, in HYPE , a hybrid type that combines two types is adopted. It is me that adopted or thought about this mechanism and developed it. It is probably the world's first mechanism.

Humphreys posts are stocked. It is a mechanism that is easy to be searched by search engines.

At the same time, we provide flow type pages and functions in the form of timeline. Web version timeline, hitois I can read articles in timeline format, that is, flow type using the smartphone application called follow.

I think that HYUNDO is the first service, a hybrid type that is friendly to both humans and search engines, but it may become a standard for future service.

By the way it is possible to do it because it is designed firmly, realization is quite difficult, especially with large volume services that can post content in a variety of formats like human beings. I also had a lot of hardships.

I'm glad if I could probably appeal to the world's first attempt to more people.

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2018-11-17 12:50:25 UTC